Principality of Belka
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Belka national flag




Northeastern Osea



Belka, officially the Principality of Belka (ベルカ公国), is a major country on the Osean continent. Belka shares borders with Osea, FATO, Gebet, Recta, and Ustio.


Project WingsEdit

Belka is one of few Strangereal countries with notable mage population in which some of their medieval-era aristocratic families and later its nation founder are of Ancient Belka heritage. Since its founding as a modern nation, many Ancient Belkan heirs have taken various highly influential positions in the country ranging from high-ranking politicians, corporate executives, scientists and so on resulting in its astonishing industrial capacity and technological advancements for a non-superpower nation.

As Belkan historians slowly discovered their legacy, the government gathered those with Ancient Belkan heritage to an organization hoping they could one day recover the long lost Ancient Belkan knowledge and technologies. Generations later, Belkan ultranationalists slowly gained influence over the organization becoming what would be called the Grey Men secret society organization in the present days.

Due to the ever growing nationalism sentiment in the country, Belka found itself in numerous conflict and territorial disputes with its neighboring nations. In the early 20th century of Strangereal year, Belka fought a war against their neighboring country Osea for five years. During the war, Belka pioneered the use of aircraft in a combat role, resulting in the creation of Belkan Air Force. Although the war ended in defeat for Belka, they pioneered the use of combat aircraft which changed the way wars being fought around world from then on.

Sometime before the adoption of New Calendar (MC 0000), the Grey Men rediscovered dimensional traveling technology, allowing them to send their agents to several worlds in order to recover Ancient Belkan artifacts.